Download Newest Movies HD

Download the official Newest Movies HD app for the Android. Watch and download movies and TV series in HD. Newest Movies HD is similar to apps like Showbox, Playbox, and Cartoon HD. It also supports the Chromecast.

Installing Newest Movies HD

1. Enable ‘Unknown sources’


Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Security’ (name may vary depending on Android version)


Enable ‘Unknown sources’


2. Download and install Newest Movies HD


Download the Newest Movies HD .APK file here:

Newest Movies HD .APK Download

Open file and hit ‘Install’


Newest Movies HD is now installed. You can now stream and download movies and TV shows in HD on your Android device and Chromecast.

Stream Videos with Newest Movies HD

Browse movies, TV shows, and cartoons


Select a video


Hit ‘Episode’


Select video and quality


Select Play to stream with native video player, hit Custom to stream with Chromecast (you will need to download AllCast), and hit Download to download video.